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If you are currently in your home, we invite you take in a deep breath of air. That felt good, right? No car fumes, no factory smoke, no pesticides – but don’t think too fast. It might surprise you to learn that the air inside your home is actually more contaminated than the air outside. In fact, recent studies have shown that indoor air contains up to five times more the amount of pollutants than outdoor air. At Alpine Air Products, we are here to offer you a solution to your indoor air quality problems. We offer air purifier systems that can improve the quality of air in your home or place of work.

How does it work?

Positive ions are known to contribute to anxiety, stress, and irritability. Alpine air purifiers from Alpine Air Products produce electrical discharges, which create an abundance of activated negative ions in the air. These negative ions help to neutralize positive ions found in the air, which are often created by microwaves, TVs, and vacuum cleaners. This results in improved indoor air quality, which in turn, helps to improve stress, allergies, and sleep. This process of negative ion generation is commonly referred to as the “thunderstorm effect” due to the fact that negative ions and positive ions bond during a thunderstorm. You may have noticed that the air tastes and feels different during a thunderstorm, and you may have felt at ease.

Are you interested in learning more?

We offer a wide range of air purification systems, and we invite you to browse our website to get a better idea of our products. For additional information on our air purifiers or if you have questions about placing an order, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us! We can’t wait to hear from you!